About Us


Saadia Co. is a company that promotes self-awareness, self-love, evolution and inclusion of those with special needs and conditions. Owner Hanaiya Saadia Hughes (23) always wanted to start her own business, and have her name attached to something that would make people feel loved.

When she was younger, Hanaiya learned she had a heart for people who seemed lonely or left out. Her grandmother, Cathy (a.k.a. Mamère, “my mother” in French), was a primary school teacher in Oakland, CA and later an educator to special needs students. Mamère was also fluent in American Sign Language and taught her grandchildren basic ASL. The bond between Hanaiya and Mamère was unbreakable. Mamère was impossible to be mad at, the walking light in every room. Hanaiya’s favorite person. She grew up watching Mamère help others through compassion. On November 22, 2008her birthdayMamère found out she had cancer.

On the morning of March 22, 2010, Hanaiya walked into Mamère’s room to wake up her dad who was asleep on the floor beside Mamère’s hospital bed. Mamère heard Hanaiya come into the room. Immobile and unable to speak at the time due to the cancer's spread, Mamère used sign language to sign “I love you” to her granddaughter.  Hanaiya signed it back. Not thinking much of it, she woke her dad up, and went to school. When school was over she got the news.

March 22nd is the day we dedicate Saadia Co. to Mamère. Mamère taught Hanaiya compassion, self-awareness, and inclusion. Those values inspired Hanaiya to create Saadia Co.